Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twigs and Heather Men's line coming soon.

We often have requests for more jewelry for the guys in people's lives. We make birch bark rings in bigger sizes and I have always thought that men should be enjoying the twig necklaces more. My husband wears twig wedding rings and a birch necklace.

Our plan is to to make cuff links and tie tacks as well as some more chunky necklaces. We made our big brother the first piece for his birthday. It is an original design carved from wax and cast in sterling silver. We do not know what to call it yet though. I like that it is organic in shape. It reminds me of a thorn and it very natural looking and earthy. Kerry Alice likes that it is kind of goth and rock and roll, part fang... industrial. It is one of a kind. Lucky fellow isn't he!

Here it is. Kerry oxidized it to make it dark. And we like it, hope he does too.

Handmade in Boston.

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