Monday, August 16, 2010

Vermont show

Last weekend we did a tree day show in Manchester VT. It was on the Hildene Meadow, home of the Lincoln's...Yes, those Lincolns! So needless to say it was beautiful there. The show was put on by Craftproducers. It was our first year doing any of these shows. We really wanted to do this one because we fell in love with Vermont last year. Vermont is so strange and different than what we are used to. We are city/ocean girls so being in the mountains is weird and wonderful.

The show was good. Nice customers and some people who recognized us from the Peru Fair last year (also in VT). Kerry's pieces were very popular. Especially the Day of the Dead skulls. A few twigs sold but my theory is that if you live in the woods you don't really want to wear it around with you every day. And that's OK! We were thrilled to see some of our favorite lady skulls find good homes with obviously some very cool people.

The best thing about the show was hands down our fellow artists. Some of them have been doing shows for over 30 years! Craftproducers offered camping so many of the artists had campers and RV's. It was pretty old school. Kind of a hippy vibe. It was very inspiring to be around these artists who are still doing what they love, still showing their work to people at shows. Thanks to all of you who were so kind and friendly.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New pieces...For men!

I have been talking about adding a men's line to our collection for a while now. Recently we have had a few custom orders for the special man in a Twigs and Heather's fans life. So I made a few old favorites into nice necklaces for men and also some new one of a kind sterling silver birch necklaces that are big, bold, and beautiful. My amazing husband will be adding the page to our website soon. Look for it!