Friday, July 29, 2011

EtsyMeatl blog carnival- Our Roots

Topic: "Our Roots"
Where we came from. How our families have influenced us. Artists in the family. 

Hello- Heather here.
My family has been the biggest influence when it comes to my art.  As everyone knows, Kerry Alice and I are twin sisters.  Our weird and wonderful relationship fuels the fire behind what we do and what we make.  Without the amazing support we give each other we could have never achieved what we have.

My Roots.

When I think back at my childhood I remember my mom making things.  She sewed our clothes and Halloween costumes. She did needlepoint.  I can still see in my mind her pieces throughout our house.  She was also always encouraging us to be creative as well.  Every wreath, drawing, and Christmas ornament was proudly displayed.  Although my mom would never admit this; she is an artist.  The things she created when I was growing up had a huge effect on who I am as an artists today. 

Now my mom is Twigs and Heather's biggest fan and promoter.  My mom has more of our business cards in her wallet than I do.  She proudly shows people our jewelry (she wears a ton).  And she still finds new designs that she wants for herself.  Her private collection rivals mine!  What else can I say?  Without my mom's love and support there wouldn't be a Twigs and Heather.

I love you mama bear.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July shows and new twig necklaces

July is hot in Boston!  But we brave the heat to do two of our favorite shows.  We will be in Amherst MA. on Saturday July 9th to do the 31st annual Amherst crafts on the common.  Even though we had rain storms and a flooded tent last year it was still one of our favorite summer shows. 

The following weekend on July 16th we will be at ArtBeat Somerville.  If you are local you know how cool this all day fair is.  There is always amazing art and craft, kids events, and yummy food.  Plus our girl Liza of Dasken Designs will be there also.  Check out her amazing stained glass.

If you do have a chance to come on down and say howdy then check out our newest twig necklaces.  Great for the summer!  They can also be seen on our Website .  They are on the twig page.

Thanks everyone!
Handmade in Boston- Twigs and Heather