Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Charming Twig

I have been thinking about this project for a while now and have finally put my mind to it and made it happen...

Welcome "This Charming Twig".  We have created a new line of barrettes and hair pins from molded twigs.  They are so us!  Each twig is "cast" in polymer clay.  Some of them are earthy colors that look like the twig was just plucked from a tree and put into your hair.  Other are wild, bright colors.  My favorites are the pinks and reds.  There is something about these twigs that just make me happy.  All of them have awesome twiggy details that I just adore...thank you Mother Nature.

We opened a new Etsy store just for them. 
You can also get them at our shows or through our website.

Everyone should wear a twig in there hair.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Project Runway Challenge

Kerry and I are part of EtsyMetal.  Our team does many really cool things.  One of my favorite things that we do is the "Project Runway Challenge".  Members watch the show and a challenge is created by the team that mimics the one on the show.  Because we are all metalsmiths they a little different so we can incorporate the materials we all tend to use. 

Week one- Come as you are. 
 Our challenge- Make something new from bench scraps.
This piece was made from an oat that I cast a year or so ago.  It is the back of the arrow.  The middle is a really long sprue.  The arrow head was originally made to be a fish tail.  I really loved this challenge.  This piece is unique for me.  Kerry liked it so much she wore it the day I brought it home. 

Check out the EtsyMetal blog and week to week to see what the other members are making.  They are all super cool. The first challenge is already up there!  Go take a peek. 

Twigs and Heather- Handmade in Boston!

Friday, July 29, 2011

EtsyMeatl blog carnival- Our Roots

Topic: "Our Roots"
Where we came from. How our families have influenced us. Artists in the family. 

Hello- Heather here.
My family has been the biggest influence when it comes to my art.  As everyone knows, Kerry Alice and I are twin sisters.  Our weird and wonderful relationship fuels the fire behind what we do and what we make.  Without the amazing support we give each other we could have never achieved what we have.

My Roots.

When I think back at my childhood I remember my mom making things.  She sewed our clothes and Halloween costumes. She did needlepoint.  I can still see in my mind her pieces throughout our house.  She was also always encouraging us to be creative as well.  Every wreath, drawing, and Christmas ornament was proudly displayed.  Although my mom would never admit this; she is an artist.  The things she created when I was growing up had a huge effect on who I am as an artists today. 

Now my mom is Twigs and Heather's biggest fan and promoter.  My mom has more of our business cards in her wallet than I do.  She proudly shows people our jewelry (she wears a ton).  And she still finds new designs that she wants for herself.  Her private collection rivals mine!  What else can I say?  Without my mom's love and support there wouldn't be a Twigs and Heather.

I love you mama bear.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July shows and new twig necklaces

July is hot in Boston!  But we brave the heat to do two of our favorite shows.  We will be in Amherst MA. on Saturday July 9th to do the 31st annual Amherst crafts on the common.  Even though we had rain storms and a flooded tent last year it was still one of our favorite summer shows. 

The following weekend on July 16th we will be at ArtBeat Somerville.  If you are local you know how cool this all day fair is.  There is always amazing art and craft, kids events, and yummy food.  Plus our girl Liza of Dasken Designs will be there also.  Check out her amazing stained glass.

If you do have a chance to come on down and say howdy then check out our newest twig necklaces.  Great for the summer!  They can also be seen on our Website .  They are on the twig page.

Thanks everyone!
Handmade in Boston- Twigs and Heather

Friday, June 17, 2011

A very special gift

I made this piece for my daughter's kindergarten teacher.  It was made from one of her drawings.  Her teacher is the kind of teachers kids remember for their whole lives.  I am so happy that she was part of my girl's life.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New studio space

Kerry and I have a new studio space in Lynn MA at the Lydia Pinkham building.  It is as big as all of our previous studios put together!  It took a while to get used to it.  It needs a little more paint but we are officially up and running.  I miss my little basement space but now I can put my head done and work without the lure of the computer, refrigerator, or vacuum to take me away.  I am hoping to have an open studio this summer.  You are all invited!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happiness found in a new collection

More new nature relics!  I have found much joy in making these new pieces.  Finding the leaves is half the fun.  Discovering their hidden textures is the other half.  I will have these new pieces at our show this weekend in Worcester.  We will be at stART on the street- Spring Sunday May 22nd. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tiny nature relics

As you know nature is my biggest inspiration.  I have always loved the texture, texture, texture found all around us.  Leaves especially interest me.  I can look at their tiny little veins and bumps and grooves endlessly.  I have a new collection that I am very excited about;  my tiny nature relics.  They are like little fashion fossils.  This is my first one.  It's made from fine silver precious metal clay.  Each one of these new pieces will be one of a kind.  This one is in my private collection but there will be more on our website and our Etsy shop soon.  Also come see them in person at our next show May 7th in Andover MA.  We will be at the 36th annual Arts and Crafts in the Park.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspired by Grandma Lynne

My mother in law is an amazing artist.  She is a master quilter and we have been so fortunate to be given many of her pieces.  I wanted to make something that was inspired not only by her own craftiness but also inspired by how wonderful a person she is.

I sand cast these two buttons in sterling silver.  One has been molded already.  I will be working on them this week.  Please look for them on my website and also at my first show- Craftopia in the great city of Pawtucket  Rhode Island.

Twigs and Heather
Handmade in Boston MA!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New pieces- sweet skullheads

I'm not 100% sure about a name for these yet, but these are the first of many more to come! I'm keeping one for myself. I'm leaning towards the cutey on the right with the pumpkin head!
These area all made in sterling silver and are one of a kind, baby!
Look for these and more new designs at our 2011 show season, which starts in Pawtucket RI at CRAFTOPIA, Sunday April 10th.

K Alice
Sweet sweet skullheads

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring has sprung

See that big one?  What a beauty!
I spend two afternoons at the beach with my girls this week.  Seaglass pickin' was good!
Check out some of our newest sea glass creations at .  This year we will have sea glass rings at all of our shows!

Monday, March 7, 2011

EtsyMetal blog carnival- March- private pieces

Heather and I have a few pieces that we just love and wear and will never sell or take off.
Let's start with mine, K Alice.

 I haven't purchased a piece of jewelry in quite some time, but i do have a few vintage pieces that I love.
This picture is of my 2 favorite vintage sterling silver pieces. The ship is made by "Hand and Hammer". By doing a little research on-line, I discovered that this silversmith company has been around for quite some time. The ship is "Old Ironsides",  The USS Constitution, which is located right in Boston harbor. What a beautiful ship!
The piece is really cool too. Not only does it have great detail, but the back is detailed too with tiny etchlike lines to show the ropes and ladders on the other side of the sails.

The other vintage piece is a growling wolf with a ruby eye. I don't know anything about this one, except it rules! (If anyone recognizes it, let me know what you know!)

I have many pieces of jewelry that i have made and I keep for myself, but these 3 are my favorite. One is a bracelet made of cast sterling silver birch bark. The heart and cross piece is my "craft show go to" piece. I love to wear this one at shows and on special occasions. It is one of the first in my "pincushion" series I ever made.

The last is a vintage PEANUTS button I bezeled. I love Linus from the peanuts and have been a fan of the Peanuts my whole life. When Heather had her first daughter, I got my Linus tattoo and made this necklace around the same time.

Heather's fav's...

These are Heather's bracelets she wears all the time. She does not take these off, EVER! She clinks and clinks wherever she goes. The maple seed bracelet is a maple seed that her daughter picked up and said, "you can make this one silver!" So we did.  I love the shininess of Heather's bracelets. I think that the more you wear a piece made of sterling silver, the more it actually looks loved. The Birch especially seems to grow with you. The details of the birch bark oxidize naturally and the silver really starts to shine.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

EtsyMetal - Blog Carnival Feb. - Non metal / jewelry creativity

February Topic: Non-Metal/Jewelry Creativity
Tell us about other kinds of art and craft you do. What other media do you work and play with? How often do you get to create? Does it relate to or inspire your metalworking? 

Heather and I love to make things. It's always been in us.

Before we started Twigs and Heather, I (Kerry Alice)spent many an hour sewing. I've made pocket books, pillows, GIANT pillows, and dresses. I still pull out my sewing machine on and off, but I think everyone in my family has a pillow made by me by now (and a giant pillow). My mom has one of my favorites, a 4 foot patchwork cactus pillow.

Giant pillows!

Heather is great with projects with the girls. She is an excellent sketcher and can draw the most intricate, sweet, whimsy scenes when she makes the time (where does all the time go!). We both have been dabbling in driftwood sculptures lately. 

The craftin' really never stops in this house. If there's a major holiday or birthday around the corner, the craftin' is ON! Handmade cards, wreaths, lawn art, you name it, we love to make it.

I think our inspirations (nature, love, the changing of seasons, the craziness of life, rebellion,)  are poured into everything we do and create. Heather will put birch bark on virtually anything and I will try to make anything look like a goofy monster or skullhead) - K Alice

Lawn art

driftwood whale
K Alice and Pumkin man
pan sized crayon!

driftwood sculptures

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

New year, New day rising

Kerry Alice Here!
Well it was a great year for Twigs and heather and I am happy to say that I am looking forward to making a few new pieces that people have been requesting for a while, mainly....SEA GLASS RINGS!
Heather has wanted me to make some forEVA, so this past Christmas I started by making Heather 4 sea glass rings for her gift. She loved them, but unfortunately, I made them all too small (FOR HER! They fit me just fine.) Anyhoo, I'm excited to made sea glass rings for the shows, so look for them soon.

Here's a few picks of Heather's and another that I have made. Enjoy!

 This is Gus. He's not a sea glass ring, but I just wanted to share his greatness!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank you 2010- Hello 2011

It's been another great year. We are so thankful for all the great people who put on another year's worth of shows, all our new and loyal customers and all of our amazing artists friends that we spent time with throughout the year. You know who you are!

We didn't travel very far but our work did. If you see a piece of Twigs and Heather's jewelry in New Zealand, Australia, or the UK tell it hi from us. Each and every piece of jewelry we make comes from our heart.

We tried new things. Some hits some misses. We are getting ready to try some more new designs for 2011. Kerry is part of RAW- Ring A Week. It's a Flickr group that will be making 52 rings throughout the year. Good luck y'all. We will have three rings from our month participating in RAD at SNAG's Ring a Day exhibition in May. Making almost 60 rings between us was a challenge and very inspiring. Can't believe it was a year ago!

We are looking forward to doing some new shows and participating in some of our favorite ones too. See you when the snow melts...

Heather and Kerry Alice