Monday, August 8, 2011

Project Runway Challenge

Kerry and I are part of EtsyMetal.  Our team does many really cool things.  One of my favorite things that we do is the "Project Runway Challenge".  Members watch the show and a challenge is created by the team that mimics the one on the show.  Because we are all metalsmiths they a little different so we can incorporate the materials we all tend to use. 

Week one- Come as you are. 
 Our challenge- Make something new from bench scraps.
This piece was made from an oat that I cast a year or so ago.  It is the back of the arrow.  The middle is a really long sprue.  The arrow head was originally made to be a fish tail.  I really loved this challenge.  This piece is unique for me.  Kerry liked it so much she wore it the day I brought it home. 

Check out the EtsyMetal blog and week to week to see what the other members are making.  They are all super cool. The first challenge is already up there!  Go take a peek. 

Twigs and Heather- Handmade in Boston!

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imprint by eileen said...

so glad i stumbled across this blog, it is great! you both create beautiful pieces. i particularly love this arrow....amazing that it was made from scraps :) what a fun challenge!