Monday, April 8, 2013

Public art projects

As you know I make jewelry. But I also fancy myself as a all around art gal. When I moved back to my hometown, Nahant MA, one of my goals was to bring some public art to town. Over the past couple of years I have done just that.

My most recent project is called "Art Can" . Five local artists including myself and my twin sister Kerry Alice have painted trash barrels and displayed them around town. Mine is pop art inspired and took me around 12 hours to paint. Kerry's is so Kerry! She painted her for over 15 hours.

These barrels were on display this weekend at a Earth Day event I helped plan. Every beach and park was cleaned by volunteers on Saturday. It was amazing.

I am curating more barrels throughout the Spring and Summer. The town DPW has donated 12 more. They are the best! To be able to support the arts and local artists this way is a dream come true.

Here are the barrels. Enjoy!