Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Pincushion Necklace from Twigs and Heather

Oh, the pleasure and the pain.
This is another piece from my pincushion series.
The first one I have made with 6 pins and it's a big one.
The heart with pins is over 1 inch wide and is 1/2 inch thick to fit all those lovely (ouch) pins.

The pincushions are one of my favorite pieces to make and they are a reflection of the craziness of life and love for me (KAC).

I'm pretty happy with the photos too. Usually I swear a lot and may even start to cry trying to take a decent shot.

This one is going to be hard to keep out of my private collection!

You can see more of our pincushion collection at .

Monday, August 4, 2008

Workspace Wednesday -Twigs and Heather

This is our studio. It is in our home in Nahant. It is pretty small but we have everything we need in it to cast and finish all our of jewelry. It is the third studio space that we have been in. The first was in Eliot Maine. The second was in our house in Kittery ME. Both had little windows that could only be used to vent out the bad stuff produced by being a casting studio. This workspace has a real window overlooking our wildflower garden. AHHHH fresh air. (We also have a vent too.) Kerry and I talk about decorating it more but we don't want to have anything catch on fire. Safety first! You can see what we make in this humble space at and also our website