Monday, March 7, 2011

EtsyMetal blog carnival- March- private pieces

Heather and I have a few pieces that we just love and wear and will never sell or take off.
Let's start with mine, K Alice.

 I haven't purchased a piece of jewelry in quite some time, but i do have a few vintage pieces that I love.
This picture is of my 2 favorite vintage sterling silver pieces. The ship is made by "Hand and Hammer". By doing a little research on-line, I discovered that this silversmith company has been around for quite some time. The ship is "Old Ironsides",  The USS Constitution, which is located right in Boston harbor. What a beautiful ship!
The piece is really cool too. Not only does it have great detail, but the back is detailed too with tiny etchlike lines to show the ropes and ladders on the other side of the sails.

The other vintage piece is a growling wolf with a ruby eye. I don't know anything about this one, except it rules! (If anyone recognizes it, let me know what you know!)

I have many pieces of jewelry that i have made and I keep for myself, but these 3 are my favorite. One is a bracelet made of cast sterling silver birch bark. The heart and cross piece is my "craft show go to" piece. I love to wear this one at shows and on special occasions. It is one of the first in my "pincushion" series I ever made.

The last is a vintage PEANUTS button I bezeled. I love Linus from the peanuts and have been a fan of the Peanuts my whole life. When Heather had her first daughter, I got my Linus tattoo and made this necklace around the same time.

Heather's fav's...

These are Heather's bracelets she wears all the time. She does not take these off, EVER! She clinks and clinks wherever she goes. The maple seed bracelet is a maple seed that her daughter picked up and said, "you can make this one silver!" So we did.  I love the shininess of Heather's bracelets. I think that the more you wear a piece made of sterling silver, the more it actually looks loved. The Birch especially seems to grow with you. The details of the birch bark oxidize naturally and the silver really starts to shine.

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AdobeSol said...

What lovely and intersting pieces! Thanks so much for showing us. Great article.

Thomasin Durgin said...

All gorgeous pieces! I went on many field trips to Old Ironsides as a kid, what a great pin.

Inbar Bareket said...

Such a lovely collection :-)
I love Heather's bracelets!

Michele said...

I love your heart's funny...I never was a heart person until I started making my own heart jewelry. Now I am drawn to them!

Nodeform said...

I especially love those bracelets. Thanks for sharing.

Bits of Grey Matter said...

Love the tattoo, and of course all the beautiful jewelry.

lottie said...

Hi K Alice, I too share your love of all things Peanuts. My Woodstock tattoo is in honour of that wise and crazy little bird. Love the little story about your niece. I so badly want a custom piece to celebrate my two girls.

I LOVE your work as ever!

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