Sunday, January 18, 2009


We are very excited this year. Kerry and I are designing new pieces every day. We are going to try new things too.

Heather and the Twigs- My first new pieces in the Ginko leaf. I often wondered why people are so inspired by this leaf. We get people asking us every year if we make them too. This autumn Kerry and I notices an amazing tree. It was in full autumn color...bright yellow. Being the tree hugger that I am ,I just had to check it out. To my amazement it was a Ginko tree. I must have walked by this tree a thousand times. I was luck enough to collect a few leaves before them all blew away in a storm just the next day. I am thrilled with the result. It cast beautifully. Now I know! This leaf has amzing detail. A sweet, strange shape and it just just so darn pretty all silvery.

Up next- A men's line. Tie pins. cuffinnks. Big chunky rings and bracelets. I can't wait to start it. We are casting every weekend.

Kerry Alice's designs- I love LOVE and all it's pleasure and pain.
This new year, I am starting to work (again) on BIG, AWESOME sacred heart pieces.

I am also going to expand my Day of the Dead collection. I am really looking forward to incorporating some color and also experimenting with Liver of Sulfer to bring out some of the details of my flower rings.

I don't know why I have been so imtimidated by LOS. It's a great thing!

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