Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New pieces in the works - Tree buds...really cool ones.

There is an amazing tree that grows in my neighbors yard. It was the last tree in my neighborhood to bloom this year. I almost thought that it wasn't going to. But when it did, it was worth the wait. It is called a Silk tree. Its beautiful blooms look like delicate feathers changing in color from white to pink.

When I took a closer look I was so intrigued with what I saw. The buds to this tree look like star bursts or teeny tiny fireworks. I had to cast one...or ten.

The results, perfect castings. Great for earrings and rings. I cast many sizes and I just don't know which I like best. Here are some pictures of these beautiful buds. Stay tuned for the new pieces to show up on our Look whats new page on our website.

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