Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's a new year of craft shows and we are ready!

Twigs and Heather will be on the road again in 2014.  We are participating in some new shows as well as many of our old favorites.  Up next- Beverly Artfest.  It will be our second year at this local show (only 10 miles from Nahant).  Last year was a great day filled with amazing art and music.  As we all know June can be hot and wet.  Fingers crossed for 80 degrees and sunny!  We will be showing some cool new pieces including my sterling silver pebble bracelets and Kerry Alice's "all things love" enameled hears and vintage bead pieces.  COLOR!  so nice.  Please come on down and visit us this year while we travel New England spreading the love for art and craft.

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